Born Anaheim, California 

Years behind the chair  5

Daily essentials Some kind of hat. A t shirt with a pocket. 

Crush Dwell magazine, (create source crush) Eric Hagen/Garett Markenson/The Young American Salon/David Bowie/buckminster Fuller/Charles and Ray Eames. 

What are projects are you working on right now? I'm currently working on a photo shoot (October 11). I'm also working on building my book a month out.  I'm trying to build a portfolio in hopes to someday on some big league session styling. 


Tell us how you build your brand. Whats works and what doesn’t? Honestly I've spent most my career following others. I didn't think I was good enough.  It's been lately that I've recognized my shortcomings in and embraced who I am as a person.  Personally I just love people, I love connecting with people (I have a bachelors degree in communication). I genuinely want people to succeed, I guess my success from my personal brand has come from trying to create a tribe. My esthetic brand has come recently with my attempts to capture my love of the mid-century merged with my moms stories of growing up in California.  I also lived in Anaheim until I was 8 so I guess I'm nostalgic towards California as well. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?  Do you have creative patterns or rituals? I pull a lot of inspiration from music like the beach boys, old magazines, old surf movies like endless summer, really from images of the 60's and 70's.  I do follow contemporary people like butch walker and Anberlin.  (But they also seem to pull from older days)   One ritual I've had lately is listening to 'the boat' by Chuck Ragan, there's something about it that helps me unwind and reflect. I also grew up playing punk rock so I usually play something from my teenage years before a client come or when I'm getting ready.  

What is your in your kit? The tools I have in my kit are my Ibiza flat brush, an Olivia Garden round brush, a wet brush and a 1 & 1/4 Marcel.  I always have milk/ever/and rake, and Verb Ghost Spray on hand. (For reals)

Do you collect anything and or have hobbies? I collect old books and magazines. I like to go to the local thrift store weekly and just look for books I would want to read. I also collect McKalls and Sunset magazines from the 60's and 70's. I love old architecture and that things seemed to be built more methodically, with intention. 

I also have a collection of R. Buckminster Fuller books. (I've only read 7 of 28 so far) Bucky has been a huge inspiration to me because of how he looked at life. He wanted to make the world work for everyone. One of the quotes I love is "you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." And "when I'm working on the problem, I never think about Beauty. But when I finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it's wrong."   

I also play guitar. 

Your social presence is growing fast. Its seems that young and seasoned hairdressers are focusing on Social media to build their brand.  Thanks man, it's not as fast as others but I'm happy with its progress.  I think some people are using social media for popularity, in my opinion what I like about social media is it gives you an opportunity to make your own magazine. Show case your style and work. I also think social media is being used more to connect others. Seth Godin wrote a book called tribes, he teaches that the Internet was originally made to connect us on a macro level but what it really did was divide us up into little pockets of tribes.  It's up to us to (first off identify your tribe) then connect the tribe together.  I feel like that's what social media is about.  I'm trying to curate my art and find my people. My advice would be the same, don't get down because you don't have a million followers use media to find your tribe, to connect.  Also don't be offended if some don't like what you're doing, be true to yourself and be authentic. 

What are your thoughts on industry? Right now I have mixed feelings about the industry. I'm in it for the people and the art. I'm in it for quality products.  I feel like some of the industry is about marketing and gimmicks, about following the crowd. It's inauthentic to me.  I think some people justify selling out their thoughts on products and tools for money. I understand we all need money to live but I wonder if it's driven by fear, fear that they won't succeed unless they compromise. We seem to have a lot of young people out shining the veterans without paying homage to the veterans.  We have veterans mad about the young insta-famous .  I wish the veterans compete more with the young and post more pics, I want to be inspired by the foundation they've set for us.  My thoughts on what I think the industry is supposed to be about is the client. Is about bringing the beauty out of the person. We are here to lift others, to accentuate. Like any professional we should be compensated. We need to see our value and feel good about what we charge, (I'm working on that) not use gimmicks. I think we've lost sight of our true selves and value. We let companies push us around to make a living.  I'm not saying big companies need to leave. There needs to be a balance. Or more people accepting and loving themselves. 


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