3 Salons in Austin, TX, a distribution company, and kids. Do you and your husband sleep? I sleep like a baby! Jared not so much.

How do you balance it all? How do you keep your pace? Lol! I don’t know if I can say I balance it well, but I love each part of my life. When I am in career mode as a business owner and stylist, I am completely focused on my clients, team and business. When I’m home, my family gets all of my attention. Of course, it is very important for me to have time alone to reflect on everything. I find that if you are completely engaged in what you are doing, you get the most out of it. I keep my pace by simply having a schedule and sticking to it. That said, I would run around like a chicken with my head cut off if I didn’t have the support system I have. My family, friends and team help keep me level headed. Oh and of course wine!

Why did you and your husband Jared decide to create Credible Culture distribution? For two reasons, frustration with traditional distribution and a passion to create something better. Frustration with the big distribution companies who send someone in to take your order and know nothing about the products they are selling. Their old school methods of paper receipts, lack of an online ordering option and no back order system. This salon industry is changing very fast but these companies are still operating like it’s 1999! The second reason is our passion for knowledge sharing with salon owners, managers and independent stylists in an efficient way. More information is better information. You will never ask one of our employees a question about a product that they won’t know the answer. We want to recreate a boutique distribution network that caters to salons needs in a personal way. Our business plan is based on relationships not order taking. Salon owners will be able to call, text, email or order online. The hope we have is to make everything simple, personalized and efficient.

You now distribute Reverie for the state of Texas. Our largest market. We are grateful to now work with Credible Culture. What change will you bring that Texas salons can look forward to? Our salon is very passionate about Reverie products. We have given our team the opportunity to educate about Reverie. With the information they have learn though you, it has inspired them so much and helped their product sales.  With this team of educators, we are eager to share the vision of Reverie with other salons.  Basically, our focus will be, education on products, helping salon owners with efficient and economical ways of ordering products and running a productive business. In addition, providing opportunities to stylist to be in the spot light and share their passion with others. We want everyone to feel heard and know that we are not scared to make a change to be the best.

The craft of hairdressing needs more strong and independent women leaders. What advice do you have to inspire the next generation? My advice would be to believe in yourself and your craft. Set goals and have a plan to meet them.  Think big but plan realistically. Recalibrate when you meet your goals and create another. Find the joy and beauty in what you do and encourage your peers. Always remember, leadership will happen organically if you follow these tenets.

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