The LINE Apartment

Its always refreshing to be surpreied.To have new discoveries and experiences.  In the world of retail.  The model has been evolving but still in mass, it can globalized and dull.  There are leaders around the globe setting a new pace and The LINE is on of them. Working to tell a story more clearly and captivate the journey of the client.

Based in New York City and founded in 2013, The Line likes to strip down the bare essentials of what they like to call honest goods. This place has the latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home, and beauty. Their honest goods are built to last but never boring. 

I was first introduced to THE APARTMENT while working in NYC. When you first walk in, it is like entering a friends apartment but everything is for purchase. There are no restrictions to things that can touch or open.  I love entertaining friends and sharing objects from my travels that I have curated. Nothing like bringing back some goods from this space. I recommend making an appointment prior to visiting.  


The Line